Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cardinal Francis Eugene George google+

His Eminence Cardinal Francis Eugene George simply stated that "Gays" are against Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church......Is that a lie?...I mean seriously. To every Catholic on the planet earth who practices and lives by the catholic religion, Who follows the bible......Does not approve of gay marriage. That's the way it is. Gays will never be accepted by the Pope,anyone of any religious faith, straight Men,or the general population .....PERIOD. Gays own and control N.Y.C., Hollywood, the Hip-Hop industry, and a whole lot more, be happy with that.

Friday, December 23, 2011

NYSE New York Stock Exchange

President Obama has saved America from a full blown "Depression" by putting these Banks in their places, but more needs to be done. America is crumbling and it is the fault of all banks. Banks in America mostly owned by foreign countries like Sovereign (Spain) and TDBank (Canada) have treated Americans like second class citizens in our own country. The 1% of Americans who own 99% of Americas wealth gets richer by the second and only takes pleasure in the poor becoming poorer. What the people at 11 wall street fail to realize that not only does Main street America not understand wall street....main street America really doesn't care wether it crashes or not. No "Commoner" understands how wall street recovery makes things better for the "Common people". Especially Black people who have been "Black balled" from any kind of wealth whatsoever in America. George W. Bush won his last election with only 1 million people voting in America. With Black people suffering the way we are we have at least 20 million votes to cast. There are also countless millions of White people who have suffered at the hands of the "Grand old Party" to know that because they are working class that they will never live the lifestyle of their 1% counterparts because of the insane "Nepotism" that exists in America's White collar world. These are the people who actually put Obama where he is now...Let's keep it that way. I disagree with a lot of what our President has done, but he is the far less worse of two evils. Let's keep the Republicans out of the White House for at least fifty years.

Donald Goines Al C. Clark Best Black author of all time.

Donald Goines was an Excellent writer who opened the doors of "ALL" Black Writers today. The same way Hip-Hop/Rap music has been looking to replace Biggie Smalls, and Tupac Sukur for the last 15 years so has Black Literature been looking to replace Donald Goines......There simply is no replacement, nor will the powers that be allow there to be a replacement. I'm not saying that Donald Goines wasn't the best...because he was and is. I'm saying that the void that was left by his untimely death is being intentionally left void. I had to edit graphic violence from my book just to get published, and that was to be published by a "White" publishing company. All Black publishing companies said that my book was too "Vile"....too graphic and way too "Gangster". This is almost 2012 and Blacks don't have the opportunity we once had ....just about in every field. I am thankful however that Donald Goines did exist in the time he did, because had he existed today.......We would never had heard of him.

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Empire State Building

After being born and raised and being a fourth generation New Yorker, I did something native New Yorkers "NEVER" do. I went to the top of the Empire State Building. Just like I thought "NO ONE" spoke English....not even the people who work there. I found out that My Parents, Grand Parents, nor Great Grandparents ever went to the top or even into the building either. "Native" New Yorkers are working class people who are always referred to as "Second" class citizens. Native New Yorkers are always made to feel that their only responsibility is to grow up, be a civil servant, and somehow serve the rich of N.Y.C. and even the "Tourists" like our Tourist Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Native New Yorkers are always made to feel unwelcome or even foolish by visiting our own landmarks like the Empire State building. Well no more for now on generations of my family will see it and know the history of this city "WE" built.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Carlina White Kidnapped as infant.

Carlina White treating her parents harshly and being a bad mother by leaving he own child with this "MONSTER" I wont name who kidnapped her as an infant from Harlem hospital in 1987 is not her fault. I will always see her as much as a victim as the "Lindberg"baby. Now I hear that the "MONSTER" who stole her is now taking a plea deal from the federal Government......This F.B.I. under "UNCLE" eric holder is a disgrace. This "MONSTER" who stole Poor Carlina White deserves the death penalty the same way the "Lindberg" kidnappers got it.....NOTHING short of Life without parole......If CARLINA WHITE were my child......NOTHING could stop me from killing her kidnapper......Not even a courtroom!

All My Children

The Soap Opera "All My Children" was in my house my entire childhood. My Grandmother watched it "Religiously" as did my sisters when I was a teenager. When I was in Junior High School. the staff rolled a T.V. into our lunchroom so that girls would not play "Hookie" to watch Angie lose her virginity to Jesse (The Black story line). I've always hated it growing up but being the only Male in my house I was tortured by it.........I only wish it could have ended by Erica kane being killed by Adam pretending to be Stewart, pretending to be Adam......Pretending to be Stewart.....GODD RIDDANCE!

Monday, December 19, 2011

New York Post Newspaper

The New York Post is very fair as far as "Response" posts to delicate subjects. Other Newspapers never let all side give their say as far as "Response" blogs go. The reporters and editors have no problem expressing outrage or even hurt when reporting the news which gives a very "Human" feeling to the news that I look forward to reading everyday. Thank you New York Post, Alexander Hamilton would be proud.......Aaron Burr would read the Daily news.

Lady Gaga Stefani Germanotta

I'm saddened to hear that Lady gaga aka Stefani Germanotta is three million dollars in debt because she extended her tour not realizing that her own management and promoters would charge all expenses to her. It's bad enough she is bound to a "Draconian" contract to non other than her father. Who she loves dearly as a stand up "Daddy's girl" in the most "Electra" since of the word. I only hope that this situation is rectified post haste. Lady Gaga aka Stefani Germanotta seems like such a nice Woman who gives all that she can to everyone.

Kim Jong IL

This Man's death could change the world as we know it. There was a very "Delicate" balance as it was between North Korea and the Western world particularly the United States of America. Who knows who's actually making the important decisions now. His Son might not be qualified for such a position of power. His inner circle could be in the mist of a power struggle as we speak. The relationship between North Korea, China, France, and Iran could get weaker......Or stronger. North Korea economy could get so weak un Kim Jong Il the second that North Korea becomes "Controlled" by Iran being desperate for oil. Selling Iran Nuclear secrets, ingredients, and weapons.....Who knows where this is going, and what the name Kim Jong Il might be seen in the future? Kim Jong Il's death may be remembered as the event that marked beginning of the end of the world

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bedford-Stuyvesant BED-STUY Brooklyn New York

Beford Stuyvesant has changed since 1982. When I was a child I lived on Cambridge place between gates and Green. That is where my book took place. During my childhood in 1982 one of the 5 towns that made up Bedford-Stuyvesant named Clinton Hill became it's own "Neighborhood". Then for 3 decades there were only 4 towns that made up the Bed-Stuy neighborhood "Weeksville", "Stuyvesant", "Bedford", and "Stuyvesant Heights". That has also since changed, as of 2007 with gentrification in full swing the border of Bed-Stuy and Clinton Hill has been moved to appease white land owners. It is now Franklin avenue and at one point Bedford avenue. "Ocean Hill" Brownsville has since been incorporated into Bedford-Stuyvesant to help with the property value in that town. I had to make this blog because I'm tired of "TOURISTS" who don't know ANYTHING about my neighborhood attempting to re-write history as they see fit.


The Iraq war has taken the lives of thousands upon thousands of American lives as well as Iraq citizens lives that didn't have to be lost. When it is all said and done I believe that all people who have been affected by this war realize that "WE" were all pawns in a much larger more sinister game than we could have ever imagined. Iraq just it has it's history forever burned in the sands of time by being the birthplace of Man as the Garden of Eden has once again been etched in time with a very bloody chapter in the history of the world.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lorenzo "Fat Cat" Nichols, The Man is just as BIG as the Myth, The Legend is Real, and the RESPECT deserved.

Lorenzo FAT CAT Nichols is without a doubt the Most "TRUE" most "REAL" stand up MAN in the history of New York City. Everyone hears the same stories again and again about the rags to riches to rags King Pin who rose from nothing to conquer the streets just to become another ignorant statistic of self indulgence and decadence. At his peak Lorenzo Nichols in 1985 made 2.2 Billion dollars in one year......That's 100 MILLION a week. Never greedy and always generous Mr. Nichols displayed something that has disappeared from the streets......Mercy and benevolence. The classified pages of the New York Daily News advertised for "Cracker Jacks" to sell drugs in queens. Employment was available and free burgers and Franks were available at "Cook outs" in attached Backyards in South jamaica. The "S.N.I.F.F." Basketball tournaments would take place with players like "mark Jackson" putting on a show for "Our" enjoyment.....FOR FREE!!!!!. People could plead their cases at his feet and ask for mercy because they couldn't pay their rent...and Mr. Nichols would pay it......Long before President Obama, Black children in Queens N.Y.C. dared to dream because of Mr. Nichols. I would watch him in a burgundy Rolls Royce with white leather interior drive down Merrick Blvd and know that a Black Man could be someone in America. He went to Prison refusing to take a deal, took the rap for other people so that others could go home.....Mr. Nichols is a "Martyr" for all time to us. He ultimately was NOT sent to prison for drug dealing...... but for being a Black Man who made it in America. His Legend and legacy is untarnished and completely in tact. Mr. Lorenzo "FatCat" Nichols power and influence in Queens New York was unmatched in any Boro in New York or City in America. In every City there were borders and power sharing amongst Large and powerful "Business" organizations. The only parallel one could make with Lorenzo "FATCAT" Nichols in Queens New York would be with the Great AL CAPONE of Chicago. After Mr. Lorenzo Nichols was taken from us and sent to prison, then and only then did his rivals seek to obtain dominance in Queens New York. The anarchy and blood letting that followed is legendary. One that I remember particularly was an "Arcade" game room where everyone inside was killed....even children, also when the "Square" on 122 avenue and Montauk street was shot to Pieces by heavy machine gun fire where a motorcade of White Mercedes Benzes drove in a circle dropping bodies everywhere. The people were praying for Mr. Lorenzo "FATCAT" Nichols to come home and calm that madness down. That day has never come and anarchy sill remains.

You hear story after story of the Fallen Black street king who takes the feminine way out by "Ratting" out his best friends and begging for Mercy. NOT Mr. Nichols. I watched every episode of American Gangster on the BIO channel in disgust until I watched that the story I had ben waiting for afraid that Ving Rhames would distort the story of the "ULTIMATE" Gangster I had waited so patiently to be told. Even "BLACK CEASER" the Great FRANK MATTHEWS ran for his life with his last 15 million dollars......Not LORENZO FATCAT NICHOLS!!!!. My favorite moment on the episode of American gangster showcasing LORENZO FATCAT NICHOLS was the end where I was on pins and needles afraid that he would have somehow become a "Muslim"  or a born again Christian "repenting" and begging at "Massa's" feet for leniency and to be paroled........WE never even heard his voice......Total Silence......Larger than life legend.....UNCONQUERED STILL!

Alberto "Alpo" Martinez, The Mayor of Harlem

"ALPO" or "PO" as some people called him in Harlem N.Y.C. was more than just a "KingPin" drug dealer. Alberto Alpo martinez was a "Celebrity". People would come to the "Rucker" Basketball tournament on 155th street every year during Harlem week just to get a look at Alberto "Alpo" Martinez. There was no girl he couldn't have and no Man who didn't outwardly show respect, and in most cases fear. Unlike "Big shots" in outer boro's, Alberto "ALPO" Martinez felt no need to be cruel to kids or be hostile toward "Visitors" of Harlem, not only was that not his way.....It's not the "Harlem" way. Everyone including myself who as young Men admired Alberto Alpo Martinez from a far,......"WE" all felt like we knew Alberto "ALPO" Martinez. Even "Rap" stars like Dougie Fresh and Sean "Puffy" combs wanted to be like Alberto Alpo Martinez. Poor kids today have no one to look up to......Jay Z wouldn't spit on a kid if he was on fire...."WE" were able to actually speak to our "Hero's". Regardless of how Alberto Alpo Martinez's case and story ends up....His legend is in tact. We will never forget who he was and what he represented.......Niggers or Ricans in Harlem will never have it so good again.

Alberto "Alpo" Martinez was the perfect Man, In the perfect place, at the perfect time. Alberto "ALPO" Martinez was "Needed" to be a role model, and example of what anyone who wanted to get anywhere or achieve anything in this world should act, behave, and carry themselves like, to any and all Black or latino youngsters at that time. I remember being at the "Rooftop"nightclub and there being an atmosphere of danger, I looked around and became calm and of course nothing out of the ordinary happened, not because Niggers knew how to behave, but because I looked up and saw Alberto "Alpo" Martinez and felt a sense of safety and protection......Shit I even held up a peace sign to him, as every young Black and latino male did......and the crazy thing is....He threw it back. I did the same thing to all of the rap stars of the day and the only three who threw one back was "MELLE MEL", "BIZMARKIE", and "DOUGIE FRESH" and not even those three could make everyone feel safe at a packed nightclub.... Everyone knew that no one would do anything crazy just because Alberto "Alpo" Martinez was there. No ONE can name any "Hip-Hop" star that has ever created an atmosphere of calm at a packed night club just by being there, then or now..Not one Hip Hop star, studio gangster, closet homosexual could do it......NOT ONE!

The infamous drug dealer Alberto "Alpo" Martinez in 1988

Transel Elevators inc. NYC

Transel is no different than any other municipal agency or "sub" agency of the city. They are controlled by corrupt unions, corrupt, politicians, and under qualified workers who only have their jobs because they "Know" somebody.....not because they are properly trained. On top of all of that these "Companies" and the city set aside money to pay for incidents such as what happened on 12-14-2011. The city doesn't care about people getting killed by shoddy work...13 people are killed each year from falling pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge alone......J.Edgar Bloombergs response......"Let them eat cake".

Breast Cancer Vaccine

I think this is great news. I hope this Ugly "Killer" of a disease is finally eradicated once and for all. Every single American has lost someone near and dear to them. What great news this Holiday season.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Katz's Delicatessen 205 E. Houston street Ny Ny 10002

Now that I've been ranked by mafia life magazaine, and Crime inc. Magazine as 1 of the top Gangsters in New York City history I can let the common folk of New York City in on a little secret. Katz's Delicatessen has been open since 1888. Before even electricity. Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Fankie yale, Meyer Lansky just to name a few have eaten there. Since way before myself (Who happens to be ranked one of the most corrupt Police Officers in history) were on the scene, the Federal Government was well aware that along with the legitimate elite of N.Y.C. the Criminal elite ate there and conducted business there as well. The 1st reason for the "No Police" rule was that N.Y.C.'s criminal elite like John Jacob Astor (America's first drug dealer) were above the law and were annoyed by local civil servants attempting to do their jobs by investigating them while they ate and plied their trade. (Ganglandnews,com, and would never tell you this) after time passed and this became common knowledge in law enforcement the F.B.I. would conduct surveillance there.The Feds became concerned about the most corrupt Police Department on earth "Tipping off" off local gangsters that they would be meeting their informants in Katz's i.e. Donny Brasko in the 1970's. I still eat there the same way I did when I conducted large scale narcotic transactions there as a Police Officer in the 1990's. The best food on earth has that Katz's deli:). For more interesting historic info you can talk to one of the two Brothers who own it and are there everyday warmly mingling with their ever so loyal customers.

I added a pic today 3-12-2013 of Johnny cakes "from the HBO show The Sopranos" as I ate my favorite of Pastrami on rye with melted swiss Cheese and mustard, a Warm Knish with mustard that was dark brown and soft the only way that Katz can make it, and a "Frank" (I'm from Brooklyn where there are no "Hot Dogs" just Franks) that was still in the Skin, and the best drink "Browns" cream soda.     While admiring the celebrity pics on the wall I noticed a film in production right in front of me. Although I am a published author with two books to my credit, I was too nervous to try and introduce myself to established "Hollywood" folk. I just snapped a pic from under the table to share with the people on the internet :)

Ralph Dols Murdered Police Officer

As a N.Y.C. Police Officer tax id #904062 shield# 31187 I overheard a Man referred to as "WILD BILL" at a BBQ on Staten Island hosted by a member of DC37 tell another Man to Have "Gas Pipes" guy " Detective Louis Epolitto" (who wrote a book) handle a steroid problem in Brooklyn (By killing a Cop). The would be victim was referred to as a Cop who was with the Ex-wife of someone referred to as "Waverly" and no matter what happened "Waverly" would take all of the weight. This Man "Wild Bill" also thought that it would be funny and ironic for one cop to kill another.

Clarence Heatley AKA "PREACHER" and his Right Hand Man Police Officer John Cuff AKA "CAPTAIN JACK FROST" Unleashed the "Black Hand of Death" onto Harlem for Over 20 Years.Everyone in the "Life" had to pay the "Preacher's" Crew in one way, or the other

AS a Police Officer tax id#904062, Shield #31187 Asssigned to Manhattan north narcotics. I was not in favor of my supervisors Lt. Ernest Pappas, and Gaptain Gavin, for filing a formal complaint with O.E.E.O. for being forced to plant drugs on people ( we framed hundreds, some are still in prison). For this offense I was placed on the "Burn" posts which were punishment. I was forced to stand on a "Fixer" post on the corner of 145th and Bradhurst in Harlem. While doing so I was made aware that a Federal trial was under way of the "PREACHER'S CREW" which involved the leader CLARENCE HEATLEY, And his right hand JOHN CUFF AKA CAPTAIN JACK FROST. The building I was told to not move from in front of had Federal agaents being lowered in during the day time to retrieve bodies of victims of the Preacher's Crew. I was forced to stand there from 6:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. What no one knew was that I witnessed N.Y.C. Police Officers putting what I believe were dead bodies into the buildings in the afternoon before the Feds came..... for the Feds to find... to strengthen their case against "JACK FROST", and the bodies where wrapped in tarp. He may have killed people but not "EIGHT"....more like "THREE".

The "Preacher's" Crew, Or The "Black Hand of Death" may have wielded a lot of power in Harlem and the Bronx, but nothing like the power the N.Y.P.D. wielded in framing them and using Police Officers like me to do it. I was made to feel afraid for even questioning what was going on. I have no idea where the dead bodies came from that the Federal Agents and Police Officers where placeing in the building on the corner of 145th street and Bradhurst avenue. Some of us Cops speculated that they may have been suicide jumpers from the George Washington Bridge. The N.Y.P.D. were and are always finding bodies of suicide jumpers, sneakers with feet still in them and so forth. In any case Clarence Heatley AKA "The Preacher" and John Cuff AKA " Captain Jack Frost" became legends on the streets of Harlem as the Boss and top Henchman of the "Preacher's Crew" that was known for kidnapping, extortion of all street drug dealers, and Murder for hire. The fact that religion as a cover was used to disguise "alleged" activity made the "PREACHER'S CREW" all the more notorious. I myself never had any dealing wit the "Preacher's Crew" due to their secrecy and only being known by upper echelon Gangsters so I have no personal feeling or affection for them besides the fact that John Cuff AKA " Captain Jack Frost" was a Corrupt N.Y.C. Police Officer as I was. I dislike the fact that Clarence Heatley AKA "The Preacher" became an informant, because it seems that most all BLACK successful criminal enterprises seem to end up this way makes me feel even more sympathetic toward the outcome of John "JACK FROST" Cuff who played by the rules and was sold out by a trusted friend. This repeated story on all levels of BLACK LIFE seems to be what is driving "US" into extinction.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Enoch L. "NUCKY" Johnson

I think it is a terrible decision not to re-name Pacific Avenue. Enoch "NUCKY" Johnson Boulevard. Atlantic City is a city built and re-built on crime and vice. It is were my dreams came true. If it weren't for Nucky Johnson there would be no Atlantic City......There is a sucker born every minute and someone born in Atlantic City to take it. You don't have to actually be born in Atlantic City to be made there if you know what I mean. I'm originally from Brooklyn New York.......But I was born in Atlantic City.The City of "Triumph" built brick by brick By "Nucky" Johnson.

NYS Senator Eric Adams

NYS Senator Eric Adams is the enemy of Black people in N.Y.C. First off he did nothing as President of the Guardians (The fraternal order of Black Police Officers) except protect any Black female Officer who would sleep with him. He was in bed with the administration trading Black Officers like pawns for favors with the department. Black Officers would go to "Charges and Specs" and be found guilty by Deputy Commissioner Ellen Swarz in her "Kangeroo Court" in less than an hour......Unless of course she was a female who offered Eric Adams sexual favors. Senator Eric Adams is nothing more Than a "House Nigger" for the Republican Political machine that continually buys and steals elections in New York.

Newt Gingrich

I heard just last night the Newt Gingrich wants to overturn child labor laws so that poor kids can help support their families during this recession........Everyone knows what he really wants to overturn........The "Emancipation proclamation".

Donald Trump

Donald Trump once settled out of court for making all Black people leave the Taj Mahal casino because a gambler didn't like the sight of Blacks while he was betting millions. People forget that Donald Trump is a hard core stone cold racist because he gave a few colored folks a chance to kiss his ass on the "Apprentice".........Any Black who even considers voting for him or anyone he endorses should kill themselves.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Eric Holder

The fast and furious disaster is just one thing he did wrong. One must remember the powers that be will always take into account the acts of an "Absolute" traitor. Eric Holder sat by and did nothing in the Sean Bell case in N.Y.C. A real modern day lynching of an innocent Black Man. Our Attorney General is fit to tap dance or shine shoes anywhere.

Herman Cain

Being a Black Republican is synonymous with being a Jewish Nazi. I believe he secretly was making it easy for Obama to win the next election. All he has insured is that there won't be a Republican in the White House for at least 50 years.

Cee lo Green

It was good to see him with the "Goodie Mob" at the Soul Train Music Awards. I like it when a Man shows that he doesn't forget the people who got him to where he is. I will make sure to buy everything he makes now.

Paul Voss.... Dirty Cop.

N.Y.C. is all about connections and being white. He could have been convicted of murder and it would have been alright. You can bet your life he is related to someone very important with ties to City hall. If a Black Cop would have robbed one bank he would have been given 25 years and this never would have been an issue.