Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alberto "Alpo" Martinez, The Mayor of Harlem

"ALPO" or "PO" as some people called him in Harlem N.Y.C. was more than just a "KingPin" drug dealer. Alberto Alpo martinez was a "Celebrity". People would come to the "Rucker" Basketball tournament on 155th street every year during Harlem week just to get a look at Alberto "Alpo" Martinez. There was no girl he couldn't have and no Man who didn't outwardly show respect, and in most cases fear. Unlike "Big shots" in outer boro's, Alberto "ALPO" Martinez felt no need to be cruel to kids or be hostile toward "Visitors" of Harlem, not only was that not his way.....It's not the "Harlem" way. Everyone including myself who as young Men admired Alberto Alpo Martinez from a far,......"WE" all felt like we knew Alberto "ALPO" Martinez. Even "Rap" stars like Dougie Fresh and Sean "Puffy" combs wanted to be like Alberto Alpo Martinez. Poor kids today have no one to look up to......Jay Z wouldn't spit on a kid if he was on fire...."WE" were able to actually speak to our "Hero's". Regardless of how Alberto Alpo Martinez's case and story ends up....His legend is in tact. We will never forget who he was and what he represented.......Niggers or Ricans in Harlem will never have it so good again.

Alberto "Alpo" Martinez was the perfect Man, In the perfect place, at the perfect time. Alberto "ALPO" Martinez was "Needed" to be a role model, and example of what anyone who wanted to get anywhere or achieve anything in this world should act, behave, and carry themselves like, to any and all Black or latino youngsters at that time. I remember being at the "Rooftop"nightclub and there being an atmosphere of danger, I looked around and became calm and of course nothing out of the ordinary happened, not because Niggers knew how to behave, but because I looked up and saw Alberto "Alpo" Martinez and felt a sense of safety and protection......Shit I even held up a peace sign to him, as every young Black and latino male did......and the crazy thing is....He threw it back. I did the same thing to all of the rap stars of the day and the only three who threw one back was "MELLE MEL", "BIZMARKIE", and "DOUGIE FRESH" and not even those three could make everyone feel safe at a packed nightclub.... Everyone knew that no one would do anything crazy just because Alberto "Alpo" Martinez was there. No ONE can name any "Hip-Hop" star that has ever created an atmosphere of calm at a packed night club just by being there, then or now..Not one Hip Hop star, studio gangster, closet homosexual could do it......NOT ONE!

The infamous drug dealer Alberto "Alpo" Martinez in 1988