Monday, October 15, 2012

The COOK Family from Soperton Georgia

Augusta Cook was sold as a slave in 1815 in Virgina. Sold along with her were three sons one being George Cook, the other being Ang Cook, the other was lost in the records. Also sold with her was her lover and future husband John Love. Legend has it they were all were sold because of the love affair between the two and that the three children were fathered by the Slave master James Cook.

After the Four settled down on a plantation in Soperton Georgia John and Augusta "Jumped the broom" and were recognized as a couple. Augusta's oldest Son would move to another plantation not too far away. His descendants still own his homestead.

George would marry calcie beachem in 1869. One of their offspring was named "Hard Cook", hard Cook would marry Ida barclay and one of their offspring was named RETHA COOK who would later change her name to "Dorothy Cook" to sound more northern.Hard and Retha were both born and raised on the same homestead.

In the early 1940's Retha would be married to one Wilford English in the middle of the night due to the fact that he was "dark" and Retha could "pass" for white. Wilford had to leave immediately for New York City for his own safety. One of their offspring would be named "Joyce English". who would have an offspring of her own Named Michael Victor Gourdine II "Me".

The Cooks and loves now have two separate reunions the "Cook-Love" and the "Love-Cook". There has always been tension between the two factions. No one really seems to know why?. I met with Ken Harmon today who is a "Love" and we spoke and got to know each other. It has been nearly 200 years since Augusta and John Love were sold and I'm sure Augusta if possible were smiling down on us.

The Cooks have never been accepted y our "White" counterparts for obvious reasons and are happy with who we are. God rest your soul Augusta<3 .="." p="p">